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Homeopathy Survival Kit for the Holidays

Today I want to talk about how to implement your use of homeopathy on a practical level. I have chosen 5 remedies that I will be sure to have with me when we visit family for our Christmas and New Year celebrations. There are many more choices - you don't need to feel limited -… Continue reading Homeopathy Survival Kit for the Holidays

Remedy Spotlight

Remedy Spotlight: Nat mur

Nat mur has been a lifesaver in my personal struggle with migraines. Others I know have found relief from ailments ranging from senstive eyes to depression. Keep reading to find out more about why I love this remedy! First, some basic information: Full Latin name: Natrum muriaticumAbbreviation: Nat-m.Common name: Common saltKeynote: Hayfever This remedy is… Continue reading Remedy Spotlight: Nat mur

Remedy Spotlight

Remedy Spotlight: Nux vomica

Nux vomica is one of my favorite remedies for digestive complaints as well as for ailments from stress. Read on to learn more about how you can use this wonderful remedy! First, some basic information: Full Latin name: Nux vomicaAbbreviation: Nux-v.Common name: Poison NutKeynote: Overindulgence This remedy is an example of how substances found in… Continue reading Remedy Spotlight: Nux vomica

Homeopathic Replacements

Homeopathic Replacements: Decongestants

One of the most difficult transitions to using homeopathy is that sometimes you already have your "tried and true" practices for home treatment. Hopefully I can provide you with some homeopathic alternatives to symptoms you would typically treat with a decongestant. What are symptoms to look out for? Remember, in homeopathy we do not need… Continue reading Homeopathic Replacements: Decongestants