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Homeopathy for Headaches

Headaches can be caused by many things. Sometimes you just aren't feeling well; sometimes you've been staring at a computer for too long; and sometimes you're a major introvert and you just spent the day making conversation (don't ask me how I know this happens!). In today's post I've picked three remedies to focus on… Continue reading Homeopathy for Headaches

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Homeopathy for a Sore Throat

It seems this has been the winter for sore throats. Good thing sore throats are easily treated with homeopathy! Remember that when you are picking a remedy, you don't need a diagnosis. Knowing that it is or isn't strep throat doesn't typically change the way you pick the remedy. Just always look at the symptoms!… Continue reading Homeopathy for a Sore Throat

Homeopathic Replacements

Homeopathic Replacements: Decongestants

One of the most difficult transitions to using homeopathy is that sometimes you already have your "tried and true" practices for home treatment. Hopefully I can provide you with some homeopathic alternatives to symptoms you would typically treat with a decongestant. What are symptoms to look out for? Remember, in homeopathy we do not need… Continue reading Homeopathic Replacements: Decongestants

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Homeopathy for the Sniffles

'Tis the *sniff sniff* season for *achoo*... the sniffles. For some, you are just getting over allergy season. For most, you are catching a cold from schoolmates or co-workers. And for others, maybe you are stuffy all the time and just want a little relief once in a while. Today I want to tell you… Continue reading Homeopathy for the Sniffles