My philosophy on health.

Physical therapy (PT) is so much more than most people think. It’s not just for athletes. It’s not just for recovering from surgery or injuries. The field of PT includes a broad range of cutting-edge medical techniques designed to improve patient health and wellness.

I’m trained in a variety of PT treatment strategies, including fascial strain-counterstrain, manual therapy, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, cupping, Kinesiotaping and many others. I have treated hundreds of patients in my 9+ years as a professional therapist. I can tell you, these treatments work.

My goal for you is to avoid invasive measures like surgery. Or medications that come with side effects or have long-term consequences. I want to improve your foundational health. I don’t just apply Band-Aids. I don’t want you to have to see me every few weeks when your health challenge returns. I want to transform your health to give you long-term relief.

What is cash-based physical therapy?

I offer cash-based services, which means I cannot accept medical insurance. This may seem strange to some, but I assure you it is the best way I know of to offer you optimal care. And you likely will end up paying less than if you had gone through traditional insurance.

I worked for years under insurance-based business models. Over time, I became frustrated. It seemed like patient care was driven by what insurance felt was necessary rather than what was best for the patient. It often felt like you were fighting bureaucracy to do even the bare minimum for the patient.

I want your care to be about you. By being cash-based, you and I can decide together the best plan to overcome your health challenges. There is no insurance company to fight. It’s you and me solving the puzzle together, without profit-driven third party interfering.

Being cash-based gives us flexibility in your treatment options. If you tweak your back while gardening and just need to drop in for a tune-up, I can offer that. If you come in for back pain and realize you want treatment for your neck or jaw as well, we have the freedom to pivot. Under an insurance-based model, you would need a new evaluation for every different thing you want to be treated on. This expensive for the patient and does not offer the flexibility you need to get well quickly.

Because of that flexibility and because my costs are not bloated with bureaucracy and red tape, my patients often pay less than if they had gone to an insurance-based PT. Medical costs skyrocket in order to make up for insurance companies finding ways to prevent paying out. The result is a money game in which the patient themselves is the only loser.

In addition, operating independent of insurance allows me to recommend diet, supplements or lifestyle changes and other treatment strategies insurance would not want to cover. Under my cash-based business model, you as the patient get more holistic and effective treatment plans.

For questions or to book an appointment, please call me at (701) 997-2514.

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