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Homeopathy Survival Kit for the Holidays

Today I want to talk about how to implement your use of homeopathy on a practical level. I have chosen 5 remedies that I will be sure to have with me when we visit family for our Christmas and New Year celebrations. There are many more choices – you don’t need to feel limited – but these five remedies are at least a good start for anyone wanting to use homeopathy to help them through the holidays.


If you need a refresher on how to take a remedy when you need it, refer to this post in the Beginner’s Series. Otherwise, just remember the Rule of 3s for acute situations: take 3 pellets of a 30C, 30 minutes to 3 hours apart for up to 3 doses. There are some remedies that I will just give to everybody prophylactically as well. I will usually dose this in a 6C and only give it once or twice, depending on how stressful the situation is that warrants the use of the remedy. Here are my top 5 choices!

Calc carb

Overwhelmed? Are you hosting Christmas dinner? Do you have young kids to get to several gatherings? Are you worried about keeping everyone healthy with the added activities and stress? Calc carb 6C to the rescue! Calc carb can help you calm down and regain focus so that you can see what needs to be done to accomplish your long to-do list.

Calc carb is also great if you maybe aren’t eating as well as you normally do. It can be especially effective in cases where overindulgence is related to sore joints or muscle cramps. It is also a wonderful immune enhancer for children. Consider Calc carb in a 6C for the whole family, a couple times a day leading up to your stressful event.


Are you feeling run-down? Or is anxiety about the upcoming event keeping you from sleeping? Or causing you to have loose stool? Do you feel a dull headache coming on? This time you’ll need Gelsemium. Any sort of stress (good or bad) related to the anticipation of an event can be relieved by Gelsemium.

Gelsemium can also help if you are feeling run-down, groggy, or fatigued. Maybe you are recovering from illness or a stressful work situation, or you are just feeling the pressure of the season. Taking Gelsemium can help alleviate a lot of the stressful symptoms. You can try a 30C if that is what you have, but a 6C will reduce the likelihood of aggravations.


Are you suffering from low self-esteem? Do you experience stomach aches when you’re stressed? Are you worried about eating too many sweets or going to long between meals? Lycopodium can be great to have on hand for digestive issues, especially when they seem related to struggles of self-worth and a low view of yourself – whether that is self-inflicted or a result of being around other people.

But, even if you don’t have the low self-esteem component, Lycopodium can be great for indigestion, drops in blood sugar, or stomach cramping. It is also often a good fit for sore throats that are just beginning to come on, especially if the soreness starts on the ride side. If there’s an emotional component, 6C is probably a good potency. The 30C may be better for the digestive complaints.

Nux vomica

Did you eat way too much? Maybe have a little too much wine? Did you wake up feeling sluggish from all the excitement the day before? I’ll admit, Nux vomica made the list because my family cannot survive an extended family meal without it. I’m almost sure there is something lurking in the salads or casseroles that is bound to make someone feel bloated and possibly even cause a “food headache”. I give everyone a 6C as soon as we get home from events involving big meals.

Also remember that Nux vomica is useful when you need to get things moving. If your bowels are stuck, your sinuses won’t drain, or you feel stuck emotionally, a few doses of a 6C may be in order to re-balance.


Do you struggle separating your emotions from certain family members? Are you concerned about EMF concentration several from cell phones in one place? Do you tend to get crabby right before you eat?

Phosphorus is a good remedy to use prophylactically if you answered “yes” to any of the above questions. It can help regulate your emotions and allow you to exercise appropriate boundaries with other people. It can regulate your nervous system to keep you from the effects of EMF poisoning. And it can help prevent the crash you feel right before it’s time to eat. To help with any of those issues, a couple doses of a 30C or 6C right before and while you are at the gathering may be very helpful. This is also a good remedy to put in your pocket to provide a low-level continuous dose throughout the day.

I hope you have found some practical ways to use homeopathy during the holiday season to help you thrive and maintain your health!

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