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Homeopathy for Headaches

Headaches can be caused by many things. Sometimes you just aren’t feeling well; sometimes you’ve been staring at a computer for too long; and sometimes you’re a major introvert and you just spent the day making conversation (don’t ask me how I know this happens!).

In today’s post I’ve picked three remedies to focus on broad acute headache symptoms. There are lots of other options for headaches related to more specific causes. There are also other remedies for chronic headaches and migraines.

If you find a remedy that works acutely, such as in a 30C or 200C when the headache comes on, then it’s perfectly fine to use that remedy in a 6C daily for a couple weeks to see if you can prevent the headaches from coming back. Remember, to dose acutely you follow the rule of 3s (learn more about dosing here). Also see cell salt suggestions at the end of the post for preventative care.


There is often a leading remedy for different ailments and Bryonia leads the pack when it comes to headaches. When my head simply hurts and I can’t describe how it feels and I’m not sure what has caused it, Bryonia usually helps to some degree. More specifically, Bryonia headaches can be brought on by stress or heightened emotions or get worse from said emotions. The pain often has a bursting feeling and can be aggravated by simple movements, such as looking up or moving your eyes too quickly. Often relief can be found from closing the eyes or getting fresh air. A 30C or 200C every couple of hours until relieved may help. If these headaches are recurring, a 6C used as described above may be helpful.


Belladonna headaches are often identified by how quickly they come on. They often take you by surprise and are pretty intense. The pain can be described as throbbing, stabbing, or bursting. These headaches can be caused by overexposure to the sun, after an injury when the blood rushes to the head, or simply from sinus congestion. In the later stages of a Belladonna headache, you may experience delirium from the pain or experience nosebleeds. Dosing Belladonna can be tricky. If you are a sensitive person and you use a potency that’s too high, you may aggravate your symptoms. If you think you are sensitive to remedies in general, I’d start with a lower potency and plan to dose more often. Learn more about choosing a potency here.

Nux vomica

Do you remember the example at the beginning about spending the day extroverting when you’re an introvert? Nux vomica to the rescue! Nux vomica is most often associated with headaches brought on by overindulgence – think hangovers from alcohol or food – but it is also great when you don’t feel the best after overindulgence of the social variety as well. These headaches can be described as being “all over”, dull, and causing sensitivity to light and sound. Nux vomica headaches can also be caused by withdrawals when you remove coffee, chocolate, alcohol, or pharmaceuticals from your daily routine. In addition to taking this in a 30C as needed, I am often taking Nux vomica preventatively in a 6C when I know I’ve been in situations that lead to discomfort.


I want to start by mentioning Arnica. It’s not always thought of in regard to headaches, but it can provide some speedy relief if the pain is intense and you can’t think straight. Higher potencies for Arnica can be very effective, remember to match the potency to the intensity of the pain.

I like to always provide you with a combination remedy that you can grab and use without thinking about symptoms. Although single remedies are almost always more effective, it doesn’t hurt to try this Headache Relief from the Homeopathy Store.

Cell salts are a great way to build your vitality to help prevent headaches from happening in the first place, especially if you aren’t interested in taking a remedy as a chronic in 6C. Kali phos 6X helps build the nervous system and strengthen nerve pathways to the brain and head. Nat mur 6X helps balance blood flow and can ease head pain due to congestion of this kind. The two cell salts may be taken together (even mixed in a water bottle) according to the label, up to 3 times a day for months at a time.

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