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Remedy Spotlight: Arsenicum

Arsenicum is a very important remedy to have in your homeopathic library. As a mom who has a fear of tummy illnesses (bad experiences as a child), Arsenicum has been a necessity for our household. I’m so thankful to have it available!

First, some basic information:

  • Full Latin name: Arsenicum album
  • Abbreviation: Ars.
  • Common name: White oxide of arsenic
  • Keynote: Anxious tummy

I have to admit I’ve put off writing about this remedy. One reason is that I really dislike talking about the ailments of Arsenicum. Another reason is because it’s the first true poison I’ve written about. Remember, remedies are diluted to such a degree that the toxin is no long present in the final remedy, only the healing properties are left.

This is one remedy that I do not feel comfortable giving in any X potency. I have seen major aggravations from even a 30X, so I stick to mostly 6C and 30C. A 200C would also be appropriate if the situation called for it. Read on to find out how Arsenicum may be helpful for you!

Mind (Mental Symptoms)

A keynote of Arsenicum is restless anxiety. If you are experiencing anxiety that accompanies any of your physical ailments, especially if the anxiety causes the “butterfly” feeling in your stomach, it’s very likely that Arsenicum could help you. Often the anxiety is based on the current situation you are in, but it could also be a recurring issue. For example, you could get the nervous tummy every time you walk through the door at work or school. If this happens on a regular basis, try a 6C daily for a week or so to see if it helps.

Restlessness is often related to anxiety, but it can also be separate from any sort of fears or anxious thoughts. A flu that is characterized by constant movement and an inability to lay still calls for Arsenicum. This is also a great remedy for insomnia if the lack of sleep is due to it being difficult to lay down at night. The insomnia may or may not be related to anxiety.

As you will learn below, Arsenicum is the first remedy to think of when you believe you’ve experienced some sort of poisoning. But Arsenicum is also effective when you simply fear you have been poisoned. This fear may come from eating something that tasted “off” or eating or drinking something that typically makes you sick or even fear of toxicity from walking past a recently sprayed park or field.

Body (Physical Symptoms)

Arsenicum is your number one remedy for food poisoning that results in vomiting and/or diarrhea. When there is vomiting in our house, I don’t even evaluate symptoms, I immediately give the sufferer Arsenicum 30C and everyone else gets a 6C. Then if the ailment continues I will take closer note of the symptoms. Adults can be a little trickier because we tend to have weaker livers and gall bladders that can produce these symptoms more easily. But, in my experience, children will often cease vomiting after a dose or two of 30C, regardless of the cause.

A great descriptive word for Arsenicum ailments is “burning”. I started out just writing about burning “pains” that can come from the muscle, the stomach, the head, or the stool. But this remedy is also great for other types of burning. Think of it when your tears or nasal discharge burns yours skin, or when a rash feels like burning needles are pricking you.

If you suffer from asthma, Arsenicum may be a good remedy to keep on hand for mild asthma attacks. It never hurts to take a dose of 30C before you try your inhaler. If it doesn’t work, nothing is lost and you continue on with your inhaler as normal. Consider Arsenicum for breathing problems especially if they are accompanied by a state of fear or anxiety.

Heart (Emotional Symptoms)

I talked about anxiety above, but it is an important topic so I want to expand on it here. The anxiety is typically related to some sort of fear of the unknown. “Did I eat something that poisoned me? Will I throw up on stage in front of everyone? If I go out in public, am I going to get sick? Will I die if I get sick?” Asking these questions can be beneficial. For example, they may cause you to search for options (like homeopathy) to help you stay healthy. But if you find yourself focusing too much on these anxiety-inducing thoughts, try a 6C for a couple doses to bring balance to your feelings.

Arsenicum is also specific for those who have a fear of death. Often this person is terrified of dying and is constantly moving in the bed in an effort to remain alive. A dose of 30C may help a loved one accept this mournful situation and give them peace before death. I have also seen Arsenicum be useful in situations where dreams of death interrupt sleep.

Another fear associated with Arsenicum is the fear of suffocating. This is often associated with asthma attacks, but it could also be related to breathing in something like dirt particles or difficult breathing from exertion.

Here’s a quick dosing tip to take with you:

Personally, I have used Arsenicum for nearly every ailment I listed on this page! I wish I had had it as a child as it would have helped the flus I experienced. Regardless of past regrets, I am thankful to have this in my arsenal today as it seems our world has more reasons for us to experience anxiety and encounter toxins than ever before. I hope Arsenicum serves you well.

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