Homeopathy Resource: Homeopathy for Mommies by Sue Meyer

This is one of the first books that I started to use as a new learner of homeopathy. I hold a fondness for this resource as it helped form my own strategies in studying homeopathy. In addition to it’s great information, it is beautiful to look at and comes in a small size, perfect for a busy mom’s kitchen drawer.

Homeopathy for Mommies by S. M. Meyer

The complete title for this book is Homeopathy for Mommies: Family Guide for the Acute Use of Homeopathy. The book starts out with Sue’s personal story, and she shares many references to her personal experiences throughout the book. This may help some personalize the information and help them remember it. She also provides a thorough “Quick Start Guide” and great information including how to use remedies during an epidemic and a list of homeopathic terms and their definitions.

The Homeopathic Perspective

Every author will write with some sort of prejudice, or bias. One thing I appreciate about Sue Meyer is that she is a free-thinker when it comes to homeopathic philosophy. She has read widely and has a lot of experience using homeopathy with her own 11 children and many grandchildren. There are several areas where I actually disagree with her, but I like that she doesn’t try to “box” her readers in to one kind of homeopathy practice. (If you want to learn more about different practices of homeopathy, check out my FREE e-course Different Paths of Homeopathy!)

Who It’s For

This resource will be especially helpful to you if you prefer an abbreviated-notes version of information. There are some details about remedies and homeopathy that can get missed if this is your only source of study, but if you want a quick reference guide for basic homeopathic application, those details probably aren’t that important anyway.

Homeopathy for Mommies is more suitable for beginners or those who aren’t interested in diving deep into the study of homeopathy. Actually, its lay-out and structure is perfect for beginners. If you have been studying homeopathy for many years or have some education, the homeopathy book by Asa Hershoff might be a better reference source for you.

The Lay-out

The introductory material is followed by what I like to call a cliff-notes version of a Materia Medica. She lists each remedy (there are over 80 total) in alphabetical order and describes in short phrases what the remedy is used for in relation to different ailments. For example, under the remedy “Aconitum napellus” you can find this description (among others):

Fear: So bad he thinks he will Die! Of Falling, or anytime: he thinks he will die.”

After she provides this abbreviated Materia Medica, she offers some insight into other natural health modalities and then ends with her version of a repertory. This repertory lists different ailments in alphabetical order. Under each ailment she has written each remedy from her book that may help and reprints the notes from each of those remedies. For example, under the category “Injury” you can find this remedy (among others):

Arnica: Always the First remedy to be given for Injures: shock, trauma of injury, physical exhaustion.”

I want to also make sure to mention that Sue offers a searchable e-version of this book. You can keep it on your computer, phone, or e-reader and search for ailments or remedies at any time without having to page through the book. How great is that?!

Final Thoughts

When I was first learning homeopathy, this resource was invaluable. It also taught me how to take notes and organize everything I was learning about homeopathy. Admittedly, I have found other resources more suited to my own personality and learning style, but that is merely a personal preference. If short notes and quick references are better suited to you than reading and cross-referencing different books, it’s worth looking into Sue Meyer’s book!

{I want you to know that I receive no compensation for your purchase of this book. I wanted to give an honest review of it to help readers decide if it is a good fit for them!}

I encourage you to check it out: Homeopathy for Mommies by S. M. Meyer

If you want to learn about the various kinds of homeopathy practice, try out the FREE e-mail course Different Paths of Homeopathy.

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