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Homeopathy for Sunburn

As the weather warms up it is almost impossible to stay inside for too long. Along with more exposure to the sun comes the risk for sunburn. Hopefully it doesn’t happen to you, but if it does, homeopathy can help your skin heal quickly!

Remember that when you are picking a remedy, the diagnosis doesn’t necessarily need to match, but the symptoms do. That means that the remedies that follow will work for mild burns of any kind, whether they are caused by the sun or not. We will look at 3 common remedies to use for sunburns or other mild burns.

Once you have picked a remedy that matches your overall symptoms (which I will help you with below), dose it as often as you need to bring relief — but remember, no more than 3 doses if there is no improvement.

Urtica urens

This is my top remedy suggestion for sunburns. We have also used this remedy successfully for contact rashes and burns that had matching symptoms. You know you should use this remedy when your burn feels pretty intense. It doesn’t have to look bad, but it may feel terrible. The burn may have a burning and itching feeling. If the color is bright red, even if the redness is splotchy, you can give Urtica urens a try. Another way to describe a burn or rash that Urtica urens may help is prickly and hot. I would choose a lower potency to start as a high potency could aggravate the itchiness and burning feelings. A 6C is probably good for children or sensitive people. A 30C will work well for everyone else.


Cantharis is a great remedy in general for anything that may have a burning sensation (especially for burns and urinary tract infections). This is a good remedy to consider if your burn feels “raw”. If the skin has blistered and is putting out a discharge, Cantharis may provide relief. In regards to a sunburn, if you catch it early enough with Urtica urens, you likely won’t need Cantharis. But there are times when you get a burn from another source where the skin will go quickly to the state of blistering and releasing a discharge. In this case, starting with Cantharis is a good idea. I have only ever used this remedy in a 30C, but a 200C might be a good idea in a situation that is more of an emergency.


For basic sunburns, one of the first two remedies should do the trick in bringing relief. This remedy is more for an added comfort measure. In addition to taking a remedy internally, I would dissolve 3-4 pellets of Calendula 6C (or 30C if that’s what you have) in one-fourth to one-half cup of water. Use a paper or plastic cup and swirl it around for a minute or two so the remedy can get into the water. Then use a cotton ball or q-tip to dab it onto the affected area. If you need to bandage a particularly bad area of the skin, you can either pour some of the Calendula water on the skin first or put some of the water on the part of the bandage closest to the skin.


If you don’t want to make your own Calendula wash, you can find it as a cream or gel in most natural health food stores. You can try Be Gone Cuts & Scrapes for minor burns as well. Be sure not to put gels or creams on open wounds.

I’m not sure if this is a Banerji protocol, but I learned it somewhere along the way and it can be useful if you prefer protocols. Kali mur 6X OR Cantharis 200C every three hours until relieved.

Cell salts are a great place to start for beginners (or for anyone) and can be taken more often than the above remedies. Try Ferr phos 6X and Kali mur 6X to reduce inflammation and redness. If there are blisters, add in Nat mur 6X. If you are usually sensitive to the sun, try Nat mur 6X 2-3 times a day for a few weeks in the spring strengthen your stamina for being in the sunlight.

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