Homeopathy Resource: Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies book by Lennon & Rolfe

There are so many different areas of homeopathy that can be studied. If you’ve gone through my free e-course Different Paths of Homeopathy, you know that my specialty is Clinical Homeopathy. Another area that some homeopaths like to specialize in is that of cell salts (or tissue salts). There are practitioners who prescribe only cell salt remedies! Because cell salts are so widely available and safe to use, this is also an excellent area for beginners or “lay” homeopaths to dive deeper into. Today I want to share an accessible but in-depth book with you that you can use to springboard your cell salt education.

Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies by Lennon & Rolfe

The complete title for this book is Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies: Healing with Nature’s 12 Mineral Compounds. Authors Nigey Lennon and Lionel Rolfe teamed up to write this quaint little resource.

The book starts out with a great introduction to cell salts. This section includes a brief history, short summaries of each of the 12 salts, and a guide on how to use them. Also included is a wonderful chart called the “Simplified Remedy Guide”. This guide is in table format that lists common ailments in the first column followed by the top indicated cell salts and how to use them for that ailment.

The Homeopathic Perspective

Everyone who writes about homeopathy will write with some sort of preference. But, interestingly, Lennon and Rolfe do an excellent job of giving us a non-biased and enjoyable presentation of the information.

Who It’s For

From what I understand, the authors are not actually doctors OR homeopaths. On one hand, I was surprised to learn this because they obviously have a good understanding of cell salts and their uses. On the other hand, they write like journalists. This means that they are well-researched and are able to make the reading light and enjoyable even though it could easily be a boring textbook-like subject. Another advantage this has for their audience is that you don’t have to have any prior knowledge of homeopathy to get started using this book to put cell salts to use.

The Lay-out

Like I stated above, Homeopathic Cell Salts Remedies starts out with an introduction to cell salts followed by the “Simplified Remedy Guide”. After that, each remedy has it’s own chapter. So there are 12 little chapters that go into depth about what each cell salt remedy can be used for. A wonderful aspect of the chapters is that each one is named for the remedy being described as well as its abbreviation. Plus, each chapter includes a translation of the remedy’s name. For example, the Ferrum phosphate (Ferrum phos.) chapter tells us in the first paragraph that it is made of iron phosphate. Another interesting note is that a chapter is included at the end entitled, “Cells Salts for Youth and Beauty”. That may appeal to some (or all) of us.

Final Thoughts

I have known about and have used cell salts for many years, but this book has opened up a new way of prescribing with which I’ve enjoyed experimenting. One of my favorite parts is that they offer suggestions for combining cell salts to make treatments more effective. I’ve used some of the protocols when I haven’t been able to find the right homeopathic remedy, and it was so effective I wondered why I waited so long to try it! The information in this book is very valuable.

I encourage you to check it out: Homeopathic Cell Salt Remedies by Lennon & Rolfe

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