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Homeopathy for a Sore Throat

It seems this has been the winter for sore throats. Good thing sore throats are easily treated with homeopathy!

Remember that when you are picking a remedy, you don’t need a diagnosis. Knowing that it is or isn’t strep throat doesn’t typically change the way you pick the remedy. Just always look at the symptoms! Below you will find 3 common remedies from which to choose.

Once you have picked a remedy that matches your overall symptoms (which I will help you with below), dose it as often as you need to bring relief — but remember, no more than 3 doses if there is no improvement.

If you can, it is best to use homeopathy at the first sign of a sore throat. Once the pain in the throat is gone, you may have to switch remedies to work on the next most annoying symptom. As always, follow the symptoms.

Hepar sulph

This remedy is a very common one for sore throats. If you are unsure of where to start, this is a good first pick. Sore throats that may be helped by Hepar sulph will have sharp pains, maybe feeling like a little bone is poking your throat. With these sore throats, it can be difficult to swallow and your throat may be hypersensitive to anything that touches it. Another strange but telling symptom that indicates Hepar sulph is that you will find relief from drinking warm drinks. I like Hepar sulph in a 30C or 200C for acute situations like this.


This is a wonderful remedy for sore throats, especially if the pain comes on suddenly. Belladonna is often related to what we call hot and red symptoms. So if your throat feels hot, like it’s burning, and is visibly red and swollen and tender, then you have a jackpot! Having a fever is also a good sign pointing to Belladonna. I like to use Belladonna in a lower potency such as a 6C or 30C, even in acute situations, and just dose it more often. Higher potencies may aggravate the already uncomfortable symptoms, and I prefer to try to avoid that.


This remedy is similar to Hepar sulph in that it’s suited best for a sore throat that is very sensitive to anything that touches it, but this remedy is very specific for sore throats that happen on the left side. Lachesis is also different because a desire for cold drinks is an indication for its use. If you are just starting to feel some soreness on the left side, I suggest using a 6C as prevention. But if your pain is already in the later stages, a 30C is a good potency to try.


Although I always prefer finding single remedies to use in acute situations, you can definitely opt to have a combination remedy on hand for a convenient solution. I suggest giving Throat Calm a try in this situation.

If you use Banerji protocols, a common one for sore throat is Merc sol 200C. If you know it is strep throat, you can try Hepar sulph 200C, twice a day until relieved.

Cell salts: For any type of inflammation, or for prevention, take Ferr phos 6X 2-3 times a day. Kali mur 6X can be used 2-3 times a day for a week or two to help “finish the job” after the initial soreness of the throat has subsided.

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