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Homeopathy for the Sniffles

‘Tis the *sniff sniff* season for *achoo*… the sniffles.

For some, you are just getting over allergy season. For most, you are catching a cold from schoolmates or co-workers. And for others, maybe you are stuffy all the time and just want a little relief once in a while.

Today I want to tell you about 3 common remedies that you can use for the sniffles. Now remember, when you are choosing a remedy in homeopathy, the cause of the symptom doesn’t necessarily matter (although often it can be related) when determining a remedy.

Once you have picked a remedy that matches your overall symptoms, dose it as often as you need to bring relief (but remember, no more than 3 doses if there is no improvement).

An additional note: Colds can be very difficult to treat homeopathically because symptoms change so often. Even if you get the right remedy in the beginning, it won’t be long before you need a new remedy! I have often found that I get best results when I alternate between 2 remedies. This may be something you want to try if you’re not getting any results with a single remedy.


This is a good remedy if your symptoms are mostly in your eyes. Euphrasia typically has discharge from the eyes as well as from the nose, but it is particularly irritating to the eyes. You may have a loose cough that is worse during the day and is better at night. Even though the cough improves at night, you may find the discharge becomes more profuse. Euphrasia is often a good remedy to alternate with Pulsatilla. (I won’t be covering Pulsatilla today, but it’s worth looking into in one of your reference books!) Start with a 30C for Euphrasia and see what you think!

Ferrum phos

I love this remedy. We use it in a low potency (and also as a cell salt in 6X), whenever we are out and about. It is a good way to help prevent catching every cold we come into contact with. Think of Ferr phos as an inflammation reducer. It is good for low fevers, mild headaches, and sore throats. If you have a cold that sounds like that, reach for Ferr phos! We use this remedy in a 6C and a 30C most often, but if your sore throat is particularly painful, try the 200C as well.

Kali bich

I debated what my last remedy would be because there are so many different kinds of stuffy noses. But I chose Kali bich because I see this in children a lot. The difficult stage of the cold is over, but there is still this lingering “snot” that is thick and slow moving and just a plain nuisance. This is good if the sinuses will not move. It can often result in sinus headaches, dry and crusty snot forming on the nose, and can wake you up from being so stuffy (often between 2-3 a.m.). If the snot has been around for a while, a 30C is fine, but I might try this in a 6C a few times a day until you are more comfortable. Just remember to use Kali bich when it’s thick!!


Sometimes we just want to take something without having to figure it out. My favorite combination remedy for colds is ColdCalm (for adults, children, or babies) by Boiron. This works best if you catch the beginning of your cold.

If you use Banerji protocols, here’s a great one for stuffy noses and sinus infections: Sanguinaria 200C {affiliate} taken with Belladonna 6C {affiliate} taken every 3 hours for acute or every 2 days if chronic.

Cell salts: for sneezing, try Nat mur 6X every time you sneeze. For prevention and safe immune boosting all winter, try Ferr phos 6X twice a day or a few times a week.

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