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Remedy Spotlight: Arnica

Arnica is probably the most important remedy that all lay homeopaths should become familiar with.

First some basic information on Arnica:

  • Full Latin name: Arnica Montana
  • Abbreviation: Arn.
  • Common name: Leopard’s Bane
  • Keynote: Physical Trauma

Now let’s explore some ways Arnica can be used for mind, body, and heart!

Mind (Mental Symptoms)

Arnica is most commonly thought of when it comes to physical trauma, but all remedies relate to the mind as well. One way you know you may need Arnica is after you’ve had a severe mental stress or shock. This is often, but not always, accompanied by a physical shock (like a car accident).

A second reason you may need Arnica is after a head injury that has left you with some loss of mental function. If you took a blow to the head and have never since been able to think as quickly or your brain feels foggy all the time, Arnica may be a good one to try.

The third mental symptom I want to touch on is sleep. I know sometimes loss of sleep isn’t exactly “mental” but loss of sleep can really affect how you mentally function. If you are having a hard time sleeping because the bed feels hard and you feel very restless and sleepless when you are overtired, Arnica might help! Also think of Arnica for children who have nightmares or night terrors who have a hard time falling asleep because they are so wound up.

Body (Physical Symptoms)

Again, Arnica is the top remedy for any sort of injury or physical trauma. The first symptom that I want to cause you to think of Arnica is bleeding. If there is an injury that has caused bleeding of some kind, give some Arnica and see what happens! I have seen profuse bleeding stop within seconds of dosing Arnica after an injury.

The second time I want you to think of Arnica is when there is any blow to the head. If someone is punched, falls off a playground, is in a car accident, gets hit by a fly ball, or even in the case of concussions, think of Arnica first. Of course, sometimes you must dose on the way to the hospital, but don’t let going to the emergency room keep you from giving Arnica!

The third physical symptom I want you to remember is pain. If you have severe pain and look up your symptoms in a reference book, but nothing really matches, just try Arnica! Consider it for pain relief from headaches, back strain, ankle sprains, broken bones, receiving vaccinations, and even childbirth and afterpains!

Heart (Emotional Symptoms)

The emotional symptoms of Arnica can be a little difficult to pin down because they are not often at the forefront when it comes to using this remedy. Regardless, I think the most common “emotional” symptom is when someone is quite beat up from a trauma of some kind but they try to assure you that they are okay. If they look like they got hit by a bus but say they are fine, try Arnica first.

The second emotional symptom to keep in mind is fear. Arnica could be a good choice if you fear being touched (this could be because you are in pain) and fear somebody coming near you.

The final symptom for Arnica that I want to highlight here is grief caused by a trauma. If some major physical event has happened that has left you in a state of grief that is hard to come out of, a dose of Arnica may help!

Here’s a quick dosing tip to take with you:

One of my favorite things about Arnica is that it is so common. Many people have used it without even knowing it is homeopathy. And it can be a great gateway to experiencing what homeopathy is capable of. Arnica is also often used in creams and lotions {affiliate link} to rub on sore muscles. I encourage you to try it out!

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