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Meet Your Coaches

Dr. Krista and Coach Katie will be joining forces starting January 2022. This collaboration will benefit our clients by widening the resources with which we are able to provide you. We both specialize in clinical homeopathy but bring other qualifications to serve you as well.

Dr. Krista

Dr. Krista’s expertise spans both homeopathy and physical therapy. She graduated with her doctorate degree in physical therapy in 2014. During her clinical rotations, she had the opportunity to train under two renowned back specialists, a privilege she considers pivotal to her continued success treating back patients. After graduation she was hired at an outpatient clinic in Fargo, ND primarily to treat their large number of patients with low back pain. Soon after employment, Dr. Krista also started receiving one-on-one mentoring for treating jaw pain and headaches. She is still passionate about treating back and jaw pain within the discipline of physical therapy, but it is very important to her to treat the body as a whole, and this means addressing any dysfunction in the body from head to toe. 

One technique that allows her to do this is Strain-Counterstrain, which she studied through post graduate work. She has a special interest in visceral (fascia surrounding organs) Strain-Counterstrain. This technique requires excellent manual skills and being very sensitive to tissue changes in patients. It is also very complimentary to homeopathy. After studying and using homeopathy for 5 years with her own family, she decided to introduce it to patients with great results. This has led to a new chapter with True Health, where she enjoys bringing natural health solutions to families beyond her own.

In her free time, Dr. Krista enjoys learning and spending time outside with her husband and 2 kids. Her dream is to turn their small-town lot into a miniature farm stocked with dairy goats, ducks, and a little organic garden.

For questions or to find out more about what Dr. Krista offers you can reach her by email, drkrista@protonmail.com.

To schedule an appointment call (701) 997-2514 or click the button below.

Coach Katie

Coach Katie has been working with homeopathic clients since 2018. She has been passionate about learning how to take care of her family as naturally as possible since her first child was born in 2014. Katie is a certified Clinical Homeopath (C.Hom.) and a certified prenatal and family health coach (CHC).

Coach Katie loves to write and engage in the homeopathic community. She reads constantly (including something about homeopathy every single day) and is passionate about taking what she learns, making it applicable to the every day life of busy people, and then sharing it with others. Coach Katie writes most of the blog posts and runs the large student community we have on MeWe.

In her free time, Coach Katie can be found teaching music lessons and directing local choirs. She also homeschools her 4 children and cooks healthy meals to fuel her kids and her husband, who works hard as an organic farmer.

​”The highest ideal of cure is the speedy, gentle, and enduring restoration of health by the most trustworthy and least harmful way.” ~ ​Samuel Hahnemann, Father of Modern Homeopathy